Get Right for Summer!

Looking to get fit for summer? [Cue the music] It’s bathing suit season time!

If this is you, you’re on the wrong website, going to the wrong gym, or both. There’s a billion dollar industry out there the has an ebb flow of success and failure (which isn’t really success in my opinion either) that is based on this exact thinking. Look around. It’s broken.

“Get right for the summer!” – What does that even mean? Is the idea to look as good as possible regardless of what it does to one’s health (and fitness for that matter)? Talk about a failure in sustainability. The entire creation is built to fail (SEE: winter, fall, and spring time).

See, DEUCE Gym knows..

See, DEUCE Gym knows..

When men and women come see us with this in mind, I get stressed out. It’s in these cases that I know we’ve got a lot of work to do and that work has nothing to do with cleans and push ups. It has everything to do with what in between students’ ears. Plus, if you’re coming here to sweat off ten pounds, you’re paying way too much money and wasting perfectly good coaching. A skill/performance-based training perspective breeds longevity, high performance humans, deeper human development, and a damn good bikini situation. “Getting right for summer” is short sighted, simple, and hazardous to your health.

When training like an athlete for performance becomes simply what you do your life will change forever. Until then, fitness will be a terrible relationship with food and the mirror. Live the process or you’ll end up walking in the dark with 99% of America.


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Find 1 RM Clean

5 Rounds:
5 Reps @ 60% 1 RM Clean
@ 2 min 100m Sprint

*Rounds begin every 4 minutes