Specialty Courses

DEUCE Presents: 2021 Strongman Competition

Mark your calendars! For the first time ever, the strongman specialty course has a competition on our own turf set for May 8th at 2:00pm. This competition is open to

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New Digital Course: Athlete Prep

Anyone with two eyes can see that the youth, even youth athletes, are often physically immature when it comes to coordination, stability, and posture. Especially when it comes to youth

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New Specialty Course: Bodybuilding

Without the glowing neon light above the door, you’d never know it was there. In fact, you can only enter through the alley at 308 N. Ogden Drive. That’s right.

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The Digital Future for DEUCE

The COVID-19 crisis gutted the fitness industry and in an effort to bring performance training in a new context, we rolled out two new training initiatives that would make the

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Standards of Speed & Agility

The charter we hold here at DEUCE is to be a house of learning. In many ways, we view DEUCE as an ecosystem of coaches and facilities where one can

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