Going Right

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How to Promote People to What They Could Be

While the picture quality might not be remarkable, I’m not sure there is a lecture with greater content value out there. This is Viktor Frankl, who in addition to being

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The Best Rivers of Complaint Flow North

In the most perfect atmosphere, the rivers of complaint flow laterally and/or “up” stream. Let me explain. Group dynamics are complex and ripe for dysfunction. When complaints arise, for example,

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Tables Turn, Stay Vigilant

I’m not quiet about my past life in baseball, so by now you likely know that I’m very fond of my college baseball program. My time at the University of

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The Best Eclipse: Projection & Reality

You ever see someone wearing a fancy outfit and they just can’t pull it off? It happens all the time with fancy hats or any other statement piece. For whatever

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Is Intensity a Way Out?

I’m often advocating away from intensity for intensity’s sake. Chances are if you and I are in a conversation, you don’t need to be told that hard work is important.

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