Deuce Garage

110 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Situated in Venice Beach, Calif., the no-frills auto-body garage facility has become one of the most iconic training experiences on the planet. Students sweat under the California sun in an indoor/outdoor format in a wide array of strength and conditioning disciplines from gymnastics and powerlifting to strongman and weightlifting. DEUCE Garage boasts a hidden gem in a one-of-a-kind ice bath and sauna facility that transports students of DEUCE Breath and Exposure to another world.

Phone: (310) 450-3969
Email: info@deucegym.com

Deuce Athletics

600 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 92054

Just up the hill from the sand at Hermosa Beach, DEUCE Athletics isn’t just building summer beach bodies. The training is supported by principled strength and conditioning that has become a cornerstone in the community. The coaching atmosphere has integrated real performance-based training into a neighborhood community vibe perfect for South Bay living. Where else can professional and collegiate athletes train along side the mothers and fathers of the beach cities? DEUCE Athletics offers several specialty courses for those who want to dive deep in a specific craft and is the birthplace of Project Speed, a training resource for speed development in multidirectional athletes.

Phone: (424) 452-6188