Bulletproof Your Joints

Get Out of Pain

ELDOA could be the solution to your joint pain

Did you know meta-analysis studies show that 43% of people experiencing back pain actually have a disc bulge? And, you don't even need to have symptoms to have a disc bulge! And, that's just the spine! With all the other joints in the body, you likely have some pain and could use some help.

ELDOA is a method of postural work and myofascial stretching that can get you out of pain and even address traumatic joint issues. It comes from the brilliant work of renowned osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer Do.

Our own Coach Teal Montgomery is a Level-4 ELDOA trainer who resolved her own traumatic joint injuries, including two protrusions, three-disc herniations, and a disc bulge. Doctors told her she'd never lift again and now she wants to help you bulletproof your joints and get out of pain!


With Coach Teal Montgomery

Every Monday from 2-3pm


Open to the public

What is ELDOA?

Put simply, ELDOA is a practice of exercises and stretches that self-normalize the spine.

It gives your back a superior level of functionality, which improves your flexibility and physiological spine health. On top of that, it helps with injury prevention and improved recovery in training and performance.

Although ELDOA can be used for either clinical or active recovery, at DEUCE Gym, we focus primarily on active recovery for athletes.

ELDOA is a French acronym; in English, it translates to LOADS.

Who is ELDOA for?

Common reasons for people IN the gym:

  • "I have shoulder pain"
  • "I have back pain from deadlifting"
  • "I have shoulder impingement from ??????"
  • "I can't get get overhead in a snatch because my arms can’t go there"
  • “Every time I do kettlebell swings, my back hurts for days”

Common reasons for people OUT of the gym:

  • "My back locks up when I sit at a desk for 30 minutes"
  • "My body gets rocked during travel"
  • "I work as a line chef or some other profession that has me standing for 8 hours"
  • "My hips hurt after childbirth"
  • "It hurts when I lift my kids up or hold them on my hip"

Get Out of Pain

Are you living with chronic pain or tight joints or nagging pain you can’t work through?

Ask Coach Teal if ELDOA could be right for you.

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Personal Stories of Success

"In 2018, I was rear-ended in a car accident that would change my life in a moment. My spine was mangled. I had two protrusions, three herniations, and a disc bulge. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture to a long painful road to nowhere. Without much faith that I could prove my surgeon wrong, I found ELDOA and it saved my life. I’ve since become a Level-4 ELDOA Trainer and have been able to coach scores of men and women out of pain they never thought they’d live without."

Teal Montgomery

Certified ELDOA Trainer

"Immediately following my ELDOA session I feel more in tune with my body, I feel like all my tension is released, and my posture is much better than before the session. Through the week, I notice I have better balance and stability in my workouts, and no tingling in my spine. I most enjoy the release of pressure I feel in my back from doing my ELDOA’s, the ease I have in carrying my daughter, and not feeling imbalances when I carry her on my hips."


"The way I position my body due to travel and on a computer for excessive hours is obviously not how our body is designed. That combined with strength training hinders my mobility, and also builds up aches that need to be released. Whether I am traveling around the world, or lifting in the gym, ELDOA is something I can do on my own terms when/where I want in a reasonable amount of time."


"I’ve had so many benefits from doing ELDOA. The way Teal has taught me how to move and stretch my body has changed so much for me. The way it almost completely heals back pain is a huge game changer!"


"I had an interest in doing ELDOA after I sustained a back injury. The benefits are both immediate, and long-lasting. I love how specific and scientific ELDOA is. I have a much better understanding for my body, and how to keep it pain-free."


"Since I started doing ELDOA, I have reduced pain and increased mobility and quality of life. It has helped me move back into activities I love without feeling fear toward my injury. I am finally able to feel confident with my body, knowing that ELDOA can help me whenever I start to feel pain again."


"I started doing ELODA a year ago when nothing else seemed to alleviate my back pain. I love that I don’t need to go to a gym, and I can do as little as 30 minutes a day and notice a big difference in my muscles, posture and tension. I love that it’s something I can do at the end of the day and it relaxes me into my evening!"


"I suffer from degenerative disc disease, and since ELDOA I have become pain-free. ELDOA is very easy to do and not strenuous or painful. The daily commitment isn’t hard because it can be done any place that there’s a floor and a door, or wall to put my legs up, and no special equipment needed. The more I do it, the better I feel."