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Gratitude at DEUCE Garage

Eleven years into this, there’s never a day where I don’t realize that 1) people don’t have to come and 2) this could all be over in a heartbeat. DEUCE

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Cold Shock Proteins Shown to Benefit Human Physiology

Yes, you’ll feel great afterwards. Sure, it may help recovery. But, what’s happening for these people who are doing regular ice baths? The magic is in cold shock proteins.  Simply

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The Magic of Meditation (Distilled)

If there are so many different styles of meditation, what makes it tick? Why is meditation regarded as a means for transcendence or even enlightenment? After all, some practices require

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Food Coma: Don’t Let It Get To You

When it comes to food, I am a savage beast. I have to fight daily not to eat everything that comes in sight from donuts at the gym to those

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Finding Gym Excellence While Living with Poor Posture

Zoom out for a second. Most of the shapes and postures we’re making in our regular lives are generally folded forward at a desk, driving, texting, watching TV, etc. In

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