FFOTB Presents: Self Defense with Tait Fletcher

Some time ago I shared a story about my altercation with a potential thief on my property in a blog called, “Harder to Kill.”  Here I am thinking I’m batman and saved the day with my heroine actions, and within hours I had a good friend and expert in the matter, Tait Fletcher, remind me just how dumb I was for taking the action the way I did.

You see, Tait is what we call a subject matter expert. His expertise? Putting professional fighters to sleep.

His skill set not only makes him lethal in the octagon as an ex-professional fighter, it makes him the safest guy on the street. Not only can he defend himself, but he can do so in a responsible and controlled manner.

Tait at his gym, Undisputed Fitness (Santa Fe, NM).

Tait at his gym, Undisputed Fitness (Santa Fe, NM).

Tait came to class a couple days after I dealt with my first worthy advisory and after class he showed, Danny, Andrew, Niki, and I a thing or two about self defense. My mind was blown.

On Sunday February 24th from 10:30 to 12:30, Tait will be hosting our first ever Self Defense Course on the bluffs. This is an open invitation to experience world class insight into  practical martial arts and self defense. There are only 30 available seats, so please RSVP here. The cost is $20 for non-FFOTB students. The cost is $15 for FFOTB students.

Here’s the scoop straight from Tait’s lips:

Hi!! I’m Tait. I haven’t done this in YEARS…(disclaimer if dissatisfied…right up front!!) I guess I’ll start with what you’ll have at the end of this course… kinda like reading the last chapter of a book first.

You’ll have all the tools to:

1.) Install and exercise your spidey sense.

2.) Avoid most problems. It will be as if they don’t exist to you.

3.) Threat assessment.

4.) Enlist help.

5.) Engage and win verbal combat. (With aggressors/not necessarily family and friends)

6.) Physically deflect attacks and counter attack with velocity.

7.) Close the show and go on with your life.

The subtext of my life is empowerment of my community. The gist of it being that I desire a stronger, smarter and healthier community where people are pro-actively driven and not fear based… even under dire circumstances. I’d like it if I could impart a bit of confidence and a lot of reality.

This ISN’T a course with a guy in a fat suit that you learn to kick and hit and pretend you’ve been empowered when really what you’ve done is tantamount to beating a pillow in therapy.

We will address the stark reality that there are monsters in the world and offer actual solutions for each humans safety/regardless of size.

 A bit of my backgrounds may be in order..

I’ve been a high level competitor in combat arts for over 14years. Ten of those years I fought Mixed Martial Arts professionally. Previous to my professional career, I fought in underground engagements involving weapons of all varieties. Prior to THAT… I was a pretty well versed criminal.

Who better to help you peak into that mindset?? 🙂

My fight team was the world renowned Jackson/Winklejohn MMA team.

I currently own a 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu school and am a Black Belt in BJJ.

I’ve taught many teams and units hand to hand combat, weapon neutralization, threat assessment and conflict negotiation/resolution.

Those teams include New Mexico local and state police/FBI trainees/Members of Military Special Teams including Seal Team Six.

I hope to engage in lots of fun and instill a confidence and sense of security in all participants.


What to bring:

Something comfy… sneakers or bare feet. Shorts, sweats, tee shirts, hoodies… try to keep it cozy, but lets avoid buckles/zippers/buttons as much as possible!

Email with any questions… oh yea… ten years as a professional/elite/celeb bodyguard too…maybe some other stuff… 

Thanks a bunch!


There you have it folks. There are few men that I’d give this distinction. But, I once had a coach describe his ideal athlete as the man who’d you would let date your daughter and the man you’d like by your side while walking through a dark alley. Tait is that guy. I hope to see you Feb. 24th!


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time:
1, 2, 3.. 10 Deadlift (185/115)
10, 9, 8.. 1 Inverted Burpee Squats


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