The Finisher

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The best part of goal setting is the optimism. It’s like window shopping. You get to talk about and ponder over all of the nice things that would be so

Fake Gym Preps for Hibernation

With the excitement and momentum of DEUCE Gym and the onset of colder, darker times (fall/winter) on the bluffs. FFOTB will be on hiatus starting September 1st, only to come

Being Open to Evaluation

We say it a bunch, but sometimes it’s important that we slow down a bit to digest what we mean. When we say that we are a ‘fitness school,’ it’s

It’s a Race!

When’s the last time you flat out toed the line for a race? I’m talking about a me-versus-you-screaming-to-the-end death match. As kids it happened all the time, right? It was,