It’s a Race!

When’s the last time you flat out toed the line for a race? I’m talking about a me-versus-you-screaming-to-the-end death match. As kids it happened all the time, right? It was, “Race you to the door!” Or, “last one there is a rotten egg!”

We were relentless.

Well, I bet it’s been a while. I know it has for me. Today’s workout was designed to be just that. It’s a race. It’s a straight shot from start to finish and may the best woman (or man) win. Feeling stressed already? Have fun with it! When you were a kid, you tried your damnedest to win, but you never really worried too much about actually being “a rotten egg” if you didn’t win, right? Same thing here.

See you all at the start line!


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time:
1000m Run
50 Double KB Thrusters (26lbs)
30 Burpees