Eliciting Mental Fitness

The mind is a dangerous place. The capacity for destruction is equally as powerful as the capacity to overcome. In today’s day and age, few careers offer any opportunity to train, challenge, or improve our mental toughness. We rarely find ourselves in the moment, and we all too often shy away from challenging self talk.

Today, like everyday with us, you have an opportunity to do just that. If the nature of our training doesn’t develop enough character and a powerful mind on it’s own, today’s workout includes a caveat:

Complete movement sets unbroken or face a penalty.

There’s nothing like a burpee consequence to elicit some interesting self talk is there? Now, I want to distinguish this little mischievous addition to the workout from a surface level our-workouts-are-harder-than-your-workouts kind of idea. We don’t have time for that. That’s what bootcamps are about.

The type of response we are trying to elicit today is , in part, mental. Can you ask yourself, “Am I ready yet? Or, should I rest?” And, can you answer, “”I’m not sure, but I’ve got your back anyway.” If so, we’re beginning to have an effect on the mind that is more valuable than any six pack abs starting to peep through.

Confidence bleeds into your entire life, and it just so happens to improve performance, too. Take on today’s workout knowing you’ll walk away a bit more fit mentally, as well.


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

Run 800m
KB Swings (Heaviest KB or KBs possible)
Run 800m
**Movement sets must be done unbroken or face a 15 burpee penalty to be paid immediately