Good, Good Music

This whole real gym thing is new to us. See, for so long, we’ve become used to the Fake Gym routine (which still rocks the house, by the way). At our outdoor fitness school, music isn’t very practical. Now that we have four walls and a roof over our heads, however, we have some new opportunities. One of these opportunities is the presence of music during training.

So, as a firm believe of the power of this community, I figured what better way to get our music playlists in order than to reach out to our athletes?

Here’s what I’d like you all to do:

-Flip through the iPod.

-Brainstorm real hard.

-And, give us a jam or two to add to our training playlists!

There’s nothing worse than hearing the same thirty-one songs each week, so don’t hold back. Post your ideas to the comments below.


Logan Gelbrich


8/11/13 WOD