Functional Fitness Fallacy

It’d be tough to scan the magazine section of your favorite airport terminal and find a fitness magazine that doesn’t mention “functional fitness” these days. Like any fad ridden market,

So Simple

A pushup. It’s how you get your body off of the floor. It starts on the ground, finishes with locked out elbows. I would say the majority of people could

Me Time

How do you spend your time? Take a day for instance. How much of any given day do you spend on time dedicated to something? Let’s establish a few categories.

Dig, Dig, Dig

Are you doing your mobility? Are you taking your Fish Oil? Are you drinking enough water daily? Are you getting your rest? I know that you want a faster mile

Ok, Why the Hell?

There is something that continually goes on, and it blows my mind every time. If the workout that we are doing asks for athletes to do 40 reps, why the