Me Time

How do you spend your time? Take a day for instance. How much of any given day do you spend on time dedicated to something? Let’s establish a few categories.


These by all means are not all the categories that you can have, but they will work for this example. Some of these may contain subcategories. An examples would be exercise could fit into Me, Family, and Friends, depending on how you slice it.

I want to use 2 examples.
A: One day in which you spend 0% on yourself, and
B: One day when you spend 10% on yourself (this is approximately 1hr 36min, on a normal 16hr awake period each day).

If we take one day and make it one week:
A: 0 min on yourself
B: 11 hrs 12 min

If we make one week into one month (31 days):
A: 0 min
B: 49 hrs 36 min (equal to every waking minute for 3.1 days)

If we make one month into one year
A: 0 min
B: 595 hrs 12 min (equal to every waking minute for 37.2 days)

If we make 1 year a lifetime (~75 years)
A: 0 min
B: 44,640 hours (equal to every waking minute for 2,790 days (7.64 years))

What kind of person do you see Person A as? What type of person do you see Person B as? I don’t want you to worry about the exact math, or the categories. I want you to think about how you spend your time, and make sure the categories you want are getting some percents. I think we all can see the regret in Person A. I am guilty of being all over the board in this regard. A little bit of balance can help us all.


Danny Lesslie


2/19/15 WOD


Complete 5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts [155/105]
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks