Pull Over and Fill Up

You know that delay from the moment you plug your phone in until it turns back on? As a guy who lets his phone die often, I can confirm that

The Target Goes on Your Back, Sir

If you understand performance at a high level, you’ve learned an important fundamental lesson. This lesson is that our outcomes are never fully in our control. Even Steph Curry can’t

Volatility and Time

When you hear the over-used quotes that are one of the cousins of the adage, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were stronger,” it seems to evoke an air

The Power of the Morning

Before your day, do you. Waking up and spending some time on yourself is a recipe for success. For the longest time, I tried to sleep as long as I

Success and Time

I think we can all remember a time that we lifted our all time heaviest weight. We call this a PR or PB, which is your greatest effort at that