Pull Over and Fill Up

You know that delay from the moment you plug your phone in until it turns back on? As a guy who lets his phone die often, I can confirm that the time it takes for a dead iPhone to get enough of a charge to turn on is precisely much longer than you’d like it to take, every time.

The same is true when you run out of gas. Sure, pulling over to a gas station to fill up takes time, but it never takes as much time as it takes to get back on the road after you’ve run out of gas and need help. As someone who’s run out of gas often, I can confirm that calling AAA, waiting for the driver to bring the gas can, and getting back on your way is the opposite of a time saving venture.

We do this often, though, don’t we? We opt out of taking time now to recharge, take care of business, etc and defer it to a later date. The trouble is this “time saving” tactic almost always costs more time in the end.

Want to save time? Pull over and fill up.


Logan Gelbrich   


8/27/18 WOD

Find a 1RM Back Squat..


30 Double unders
15 Power Snatches (75/55)