The Power of the Morning

Before your day, do you. Waking up and spending some time on yourself is a recipe for success. For the longest time, I tried to sleep as long as I could. I tried to get every minute of sleep possible, then I would freak out, grab my clothes, and rush off to wherever the hell I had to be. In a town of round the clock schedules, sometimes this morning thing doesn’t hold true. If you work all night, your morning is probably bit different than a person that starts work at nine. Nonetheless, this little schedule flip still holds true.

Before you get started on your list of to do’s, whether they be personal or work related, give yourself some time. Do something you enjoy. One thing we know is that something will seemingly take a different course in our day, and that will affect the end of the day. If your quality time depends on everything in your day going as planned, I can tell you what will be the first thing to drop of the list. It’s the you time. This I would argue is the most important time.

The most important part in any of our days is our contribution. It’s our value that we bring to the table. Providing value starts with you. Giving yourself some value, giving yourself something that you want, something that you need should be the first on your list, in my opinion. It’s the reason they tell you on flights to put your oxygen mask on first, then help others. You need to provide yourself the things you need. Otherwise, the path that you are on is coming to a quick end. It’s called burnout. You will be exhausted, and then lots of things go off the rails.

There is no time that this has become more apparent to me then having children. They always need something, and they are always there. They are the roomies that never leave. Finding time for ourselves seems impossible by the moment. You can’t even sit on the toilet without one or all of them coming in to have a poop party with you. Time for yourself is vital. I encourage you to get it somehow, even if you need to schedule it with your partner. If you do this you will feel so much better about your place in this grand scheme of life.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that you have to lift weights early in the morning, although I am quite biased in this respect. But, waking up a bit earlier and meditating, running, doing yoga, stretching, reading, just sitting with your thoughts, writing, surfing, or just spending time on yourself, may be some of the most valuable time you may ever have.

I dare you to try this for thirty days. Try one month. Pick an activity. Wake up thirty minutes earlier and do that every day. I would wager a lot that you will find yourself happier and more fulfilled in your days. I would wager that by the end of this month, you would feel the personal momentum you created out of no where in your life. And, I bet you won’t even miss the few winks of sleep you don’t get.


Danny Lesslie


10/2/17 WOD

Find a 1RM Overhead Squat


Then, AMRAP 10

20 Alternating DB Snatch (AHAP)

200m Run

20 Toes to Bar