The Long Game

The long game is what we are after around here. We talk all the time about our ‘Intro Session’ and its value in your training journey. This place is not


Have you ever been fishing? Have you wanted to be like Jimmy John Shark?  Do you know the goal for everyone is not only to catch the biggest fish? Sometimes

Breath and Focal Point

Are you in control of your breath? Are you in control of the focal point of your eyes? When you move, do you think about these things? Think about squatting.

Thank You

Let me tell you about you. Let me tell you about the value of you showing up. Each day that passes, used to be a hail mary into the universe

Earn the Struggle

This game of movement is full of struggles. It’s full of effort that goes by the wayside and doesn’t always yield immediate results, but it’s always building. It’s very possible