Have you ever been fishing? Have you wanted to be like Jimmy John Shark?  Do you know the goal for everyone is not only to catch the biggest fish? Sometimes it’s not the biggest ones that fight the most. And, the fight is the fun part. Fishing is about spending time buried in process. You are casting and reeling and baiting hooks over and over again for hours. There is equipment, and there is time, and it’s dirty, and it’s constantly changing. It’s a fantastic chance to drink a few beers with your buddies and catch up on old times. It’s a fantastic activity that furthers our relationships with our peers. I don’t want you to think that I am knocking catching big fish, because that’s a crime. But, the process and the result of the process, which is twenty fold or more, is where it’s at.

Fishing and weightlifting are very similar in this regard. Process gets you to where you want to go, however far you want that to be. Weightlifting is not only about lifting the biggest weights. This is a hugely fun part of this, of course, but understanding this is a process oriented game is of the utmost importance. Warming up, mobility work, cleaning the gym, putting all of your stuff away, hydration, eating. It’s all part of the process. PR’s and heavy weights are pieces in a larger puzzle, but don’t kid yourself. The process is where the money is. It turns out that if you do the process long enough, it just so happens that the PR’s will continually show up.

You see, this is one of the biggest take aways for me over the past years of working and having children. Process is king. Own your process and all ships will rise. Ditch the process and enjoy the frustration. Whether this next week holds fishing and/or weightlifting, remember the sauce is in the process.


Danny Lesslie


1/16/18 WOD

Complete the following for time:




Deadlifts (225/155)