The Long Game

The long game is what we are after around here. We talk all the time about our ‘Intro Session’ and its value in your training journey. This place is not just your ordinary gym and if you are just looking for a good sweat, this probably isn’t your gym. Not that we have something against a good sweat, because there is plenty of that. Our purpose, our goal, what drives us is change. Sweat unfortunately is not enough sometimes.

There are things that motivate people and they are usually layers below the surface. The purpose of our Intro session is to get to know our people. Why are you here? What are you seeking? What are you after? If the answer is a six pack, once again this may not be your place.

Usually the first thing athletes get excited about are the workouts and the consistency. The gains in the beginning are huge. Improvements are happening by the day and truly are an incredible source of feedback. This is great, but this is not why we are here.

Performance is an incredible feedback tool, but it’s only the top layer. What athletes start to realize is that beginning to focus on performance alongside a bunch of other athletes focused on performance starts to form a community. After immersing yourself in the culture for some time, what you start to feel is a sense of belonging and this sense of community. This is where the accountability steps up a notch. Suddenly you feel part of something bigger and because everyone is here, you feel the pull and you want to be here. The magic is in the people.

My hope and our hope is that you get so lost in the performance and the people, that you hang around a bit longer. And, suddenly you start to make better choices. You start to change your lifestyle, not because someone is telling you to, but because you are choosing to. You start to eat better and be active on the weekends. Your life starts to change, not from us, but from you. When you start to change, everything in your life starts to get better. You are better at your job. You think clearer. You are better in your relationships. The trajectory of your life changes and you feel the momentum inside of you. Before you know it, you are the reason people feel the accountability to show up. This is what we are after.

This journey we are all on goes in cycles. There are more days you won’t want to do it than days that you will. Being a part of something larger than yourself has always been a game changer in humanity. The great thing about this whole pursuit is all you have to do is just show up. We will take care of the rest.

See you in class.


Danny Lesslie


1/22/18 WOD

Make 5 attempts at the following complex for load:

1 Jerk

5 Front Squats


Then, make 3 attempts:

:60 Max Cal Assault Bike