Thank You

Let me tell you about you. Let me tell you about the value of you showing up. Each day that passes, used to be a hail mary into the universe

Earn the Struggle

This game of movement is full of struggles. It’s full of effort that goes by the wayside and doesn’t always yield immediate results, but it’s always building. It’s very possible


Do you know the pyramids were built by hand? It may sound like old news, but think about that. You have a chisel and some rope, and some logs. Get

Diversion Hilarity

For about the past two months I have been riding my bike to work. The ride is about thirty minute each way, so at first it was a lot to

Checklists and Brain Farts

Checklists are gold. They are gold in many instances, including lifting weights. There are a million things to talk about when you move a barbell. Ideally we can condense down