Box Squat 1-2-3

The box squat is different than a traditional back squat. The goal here is to stretch the hamstrings and put the work into the hips. It should not feel the


Part of living in and around other people is reading signals. Signals that people are giving to precede their upcoming actions or let you know what they just did. Sharing


Lately, balance has been quite a struggle for me personally. Kids very commonly bring this on. How do we adjust our schedules to accommodate four humans as opposed to two?

Preferential Lunging

I am a huge proponent of lunging. Unilateral movement is a terrific way to even out discrepancies you may have on one side versus the other. There are a few

The Edge

In our ‘Intro Session’ we talk about many things. One of the things I always talk about with people is the edge of their known fitness. That somewhat fuzzy place