Time is such a funny thing. It is a seemingly very needed tool in our lives. It helps keep us organized, it helps us know when to do things, and

Time Well Spent

Yesterday we drove back to New York from Virginia. Just outside the city we ran into some bumper to bumper traffic, which in New York is a pretty normal occurrence.

Time Says So

After experiencing a friend’s new, local bar for the first time. My mind was in deep appreciation for time. Scotch, bourbon, and whiskey’s older than I am are part of

Ten Minutes of GOLD!

What happens on Monday morning when you wake up early? A lot of people might say, “I have no idea. It’s never happened.” This is a very interesting position. Instead

Me Time

How do you spend your time? Take a day for instance. How much of any given day do you spend on time dedicated to something? Let’s establish a few categories.