Opportunity: The Speed of Life

We all say it. “Time flies, doesn’t it?”

I had a particularly fun conversation with Ronnie, a student coach in our Coach’s Prep program, today. I warned him that every now and then we’ve got to realize that we can only operate in the present moment and sometimes this tricks us into thinking we understand reality. The best we can do is look back into history to connect events into stories that we can try to use to tell the future, and that’s not a very good predictor of the future (SEE: stock trading).

The opportunity in front of us all is the realization of exactly how ignorant we are to the future. Based on your surroundings, it’d be easy to assume what is so. For example, what does our existence look like right this moment?

From what it looks like, we’re immersed in thrusters and pull ups, we crack open a can of Kill Cliff (because that’s what we do), we start our morning with a cup of Caveman Coffee, sometimes we peer pressure our friends into healthy nutrition and things like ORIGINAL Nutritionals fish oil, we hang out with our “crew” from class, and we’re all getting ready for the Reebok CrossFit Open.

Well, when I asked Ronnie to look at all the banners on our fence, which are specifically represented in my example above, I told him to consider that none of those things existed four years ago. ZERO. They weren’t even a thought on anyone’s mind, and now they are our entire reality in some cases. There was no Kill Cliff, no ORIGINAL Nutritionals, no Caveman. Reebok had nothing to do with CrossFit. Most of you had no idea what a thruster was, either.

The moment you think you’ve figured out where to draw the line to fence in possibility, you’ve done just that. The speed in which big things happen in life is faster than ever, and if that’s not an incredibly motivating proposition for what’s possible, I don’t know what is!


Logan Gelbrich


2/20/15 WOD

Find a heavy log clean triple..

Then, AMRAP 11
1 Snatch [155/105]
10 DB Thrusters [50/30]
30 Double Unders