DEUCE Opens Enrollment Wednesday

You know that potential energy stirring as the horses in the Kentucky Derby stand ready in their starting gate anticipating the opening of the gate? The absolute specimen thoroughbred horses

Self-Awareness Training

Self-awareness is a vital skill. Furthermore, how ironic is it that the skill that signifies our ability to see ourselves as we are to others is self-reported inaccurately by nearly

Friday Night Lights are HERE!

**All weekend classes will be closed for the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar Saturday & Sunday** With yesterday’s announcement of the first of five CrossFit Open workouts, we’re set to host our

DEUCE Presents: Friday Night Lights

The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Open is an global fitness invitational that features hundreds of thousands of competitors who are looking to test their capacities. The event is comprised of one

Reality via Reflection

We can only make sense of things in context. The entire second section of our Coach’s Prep 101 program addresses this exact phenomenon. A classic example I give is in