Self-Awareness Training

Self-awareness is a vital skill. Furthermore, how ironic is it that the skill that signifies our ability to see ourselves as we are to others is self-reported inaccurately by nearly everyone? We all think we’re self-aware. Virtually none of us are, at least to the level we often self-evaluate. 

While many of us don’t realize how we show up around others, how we are to work with, or how we are interpersonally, today is a chance to test another kind of self-awareness. Predict how many rounds you’ll get on today’s workout. Compare and contrast your prediction versus your actual score. Can you get close? Or, are you always way off?

Know thy self (even if it means with what you’re physically capable of), people. 


Logan Gelbrich


10/18/19 WOD

“CrossFit Games Open Workout 20.2”


4 Dumbbell Thrusters (50/30)

6 Toes-To-Bars

24 Double-Unders