INSIDE: Coach’s Prep Assignment

The following is an excerpt from a recent Coach’s Prep assignment that lends some perspective on complex movement and how sometimes there’s many ways to teach the same thing. Furthermore, that a hyper focus on micro details can bring to life a much bigger, complex picture.

Anne Lemott’s infamous “One-Inch Frame” writing technique has almost universal application. Stumped with a big concept? Look at it through a one-inch frame and you’ll find all the detail, richness, and clarity you need to take action.

Tomorrow’s drill utilizes this focused attention of bigger complex movement into a one-inch frame. In our case, either 1) starting at the level of the footor 2) starting at the level of the hip. This will allow for increased athlete focused and require deeper, non-surface level cuing.

Can you teach the same points of performance of a movement two ways? One focused on what’s happening at hip level and the other at foot level?

Notice the simple example of the burpee:

Foot– “From the floor, I need you to jump to a whole foot landing position. Flexibility issues? The foot can land wider, but the challenge is, ‘Can I get my whole foot to the ground?’”

Hip– “From the floor, our entire focus is the biggest change in hip height possible. Forget posture right now, who can jump their hips highest?”

In both cases, the athlete accomplishes the efficacy of a hinging, whole-foot landing burpee. The foot example doesn’t mention the hip. The hip example doesn’t mention the foot. They both accomplish the same outcome through their respective one-inch frame focusing, in this case, on the top-down or the bottom-up approach.

Please come tomorrow prepared to coach the following movements with the most detail possible two different ways… bottom up (starting with the foot) and top down (starting with the hip). Go deep on what’s happening with action of toes, feet, rotation of the femurs in the hip joint, opening and closing of the hip, orientation for the hip bones, the tilt of the pelvis (or lack thereof), etc:


-Back squat 

-Hang Snatch

-Split Jerk


While there’s a good chance that as you read this you have no particular interest in Coach’s Prep and it should be worth noting that this article doesn’t seek to change that. These types of efforts are happening each week indefinitely to not only further evolve the leadership of DEUCE, but to enroll new coaching faces into the culture in powerfully vulnerable ways to keep DEUCE strong. 


Logan Gelbrich


10/21/19 WOD


Odd Object Viper Press


Take 6 minutes to find a triple on the front squat…


Then, AMRAP 3

Max Power Snatches (15/95)

-Rest 3 minutes-


400m Run

Max KB Swings (53/35)