8-Week Weightlifting Course Now Enrolling

One of our most popular specialty courses, Weightlifting 101, is open for enrollment again. The course focuses on mindset and technical proficiency in the craft of Olympic Weightlifting.  

The course is built on four principles. These are important because even the most technically proficient program is useless without the right training approach.

WORK ETHIC: You can’t be great at anything if you aren’t willing to do the work. There are no shortcuts in this life, just years of crushing hard work. Any attempts to cut corners will make the process longer. 

CONSISTENCY: Consistency is just another way of taking responsibility for the few variables over which we have control. We strive to make every set up and lift the same. Posture in movement is an accumulation of time spent in positions. It takes lots of repeated exposures to become proficient.

DISCIPLINE: You have a million great reasons not to commit to this or to quit once you do. Staying true to the process and yourself is the only thing that will yield results. 

AGGRESSION: You must attack your training and your lifts with violence that would surprise the people in your life outside the gym. Go all in. 

The ‘right’ program does not exist. The right mindset will take you farther than you can imagine. Most of my job In facilitating this course will be to instill a training mindset that will take you much farther than eight weeks out. 

The course will include individual program modification and video assessment by our remote weightlifting coach, National Champion Weightlifter, Samantha Love.

We could not be more excited to have a group of motivated students on the yard Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 AM working to learn and hone the craft of Olympic Weightlifting. 

Sign up by emailing campbell@deucegym.com now.

4/23/24 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
10 Glute Bridges

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
8 DB Bulgarian Split squats (ea)
10 Weighted Sit Ups

Complete 6 rounds for time:
12 Double KB Swings (53/35)
10 KB Front Squat
8 KB Push Press



Jerk Drive

2 Push Jerks

Then, complete 4 rounds for reps:
In :75..
10/8 Cal Bike
Max Burpees to Target
-Rest as Needed-