DEUCE Nutrition

Want the body of your dreams?
It all comes down to diet.

We are here to assist you in finding real-world nutrition solutions for your everyday life. The DEUCE Nutrition curriculum takes an intentional look at how to best fuel your body, mind and spirit regardless of your goals—performance, aesthetic, or otherwise.

Anyone—no matter their body type or the size of their goals—can find success in this program because of its adherence to the following protocols:

The power of body recomposition

At DEUCE Nutrition, we focus our efforts on improving each student’s relationship with food and working to improve body composition. What is body composition? Well, it’s your ratio of lean body mass (muscle tissue) to adipose tissue (fat, skin, etc.). Whether your goals are performance, aesthetics, or something else, increasing total lean body mass and reducing fat tissue is paramount. Join us to learn how!

Leveraging macronutrients

Simplify, simplify, simplify. At the end of the day, the most important aspect of improving your body composition is monitoring calorie balance (calories in vs. calories out). That said, we are very concerned with maximizing your results and the way we do this is by finding the appropriate breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, and fat (the macronutrients) to reach your goals. Just like with anything, the more specific the inputs, the more specific the outputs. To reach your goals fastest, we take the most optimal approach with a macronutrient prescription that is specific to you.

Consistency & accountability

There is no greater asset to your nutrition journey than your own personal accountability. Ultimately this experience and your results rest in your very capable hands. Our coaches and team are beyond excited to provide you immediate and continuous accountability, along with the support you need to maintain consistency in your efforts. Stay the course, and always remember that when in doubt — KEEP GOING.

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Which course is right for you?

Based on a few universal factors, our 101 offering outlines basic nutritional guidance and sets all students up for success and improved body composition. Featuring macronutrient and calorie breakdowns by weight and gender, this template includes all the proverbial answers to the test.

Look, every so-called “expert” has their own opinion when it comes to macros—some of it works, some if it doesn’t. Here’s what we know: Our template works. We know this because our coaches have years of experience working with men and women of various body types and compositions. That’s given us ample time to dial in our recommendations and figure out what works for our clients as they’ve refined their diets and transformed their bodies. That’s how we know it’ll work for you too—as long as you do the work to make sure you adhere to it.

So if you’re a curious and self-motivated person looking for a little bit of guidance, this is for you.

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With a combination of dedicated coaching and real-time accountability, our 202 program takes a more hands-on approach to your nutrition needs.

Each student in the program will receive a personalized macronutrient template. And to help you stay accountable and on track during your journey, we'll work with you to make adjustments to your macro template as needed. Armed with a depth of knowledge and a compassionate coaching style, we'll work with you to achieve the results you’re looking for, and you’ll feel supported and empowered at every step along the way.

So if you’re determined to change your body composition and enjoy having a support structure around you, let us lead the way to your goals. For real. This works.

Note: The program requires a three-month commitment

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