Adversity is like glue in the group dynamic. People really come together over some good ‘ole fashion hard times. And, whether you notice it or not, that very concept is a huge driving force in our community. We are brought together, in part, by a common struggle. It’s this common conversation and experience that brings unity to the Bluffs.

This past weekend, some friends of our representing CrossFit Central at the recent CrossFit Games South Central Regional displayed an emotional example of such unity. Michael, the man in the video, is a good friend and one fit son-of-a-gun. As he describes, during his failure he found himself needing some help. Well, no problem because none other than five-foot tall, 115lb Jessica Estrada had his back the whole time. Talk about inspirational. These two nailed it when you talk about unity and teamwork.


I’ve never seen a community of people that supports failure better than ours. Life is full of failure and it’s rarely accepted, let alone welcomed, like it is here. Our fitness school guarantees an added dose of failure in your life, but it does so for good reason. Moments like this are abound!


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Complete 5 rounds on the 3 minute mark for time of:

:30 Plank Hold
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Pushups
200m Run