Adversity Antidote: Community

Legendary Coach, Pat Riley, used to say that every individual and organization will face “thunderbolts” of adversity. The great individuals and teams, of course, are the ones that manage these

When Alphas Fail

Chances are if you’re participating in this community, you’ve got a bit of alpha in you. You win at work. You win in relationships. You like success, and chances are

Home Away from Home

I spent this past weekend up in Eugene, OR for the Sasquatch Throwdown. The incredible folks at Track Town CrossFit put on the event and it was an amazing, eye


Adversity is like glue in the group dynamic. People really come together over some good ‘ole fashion hard times. And, whether you notice it or not, that very concept is

A Useful Bout with Adversity

There’s nothing better than when things are going great, is there? I mean if life isn’t good, we’re trying to make it so. Life, however, never presents steady state rainbows