A Useful Bout with Adversity

There’s nothing better than when things are going great, is there? I mean if life isn’t good, we’re trying to make it so. Life, however, never presents steady state rainbows and butterflies. It’s guaranteed to go bad.

Yup, even the super rich, the super beautiful, and the super famous have bad days, weeks, months, and years. So, what do we normal, problem-prone people do about this?

I’m not suggesting you quit your quest for happiness. But, given that we know adversity is built in to the game of life, we could change our relationship with it. When things go bad, stop acting so surprised. It’s supposed to go bad. We’ve already established that.

So, next time you hit a rut in your life, grit your teeth and soak up the experience. Get selfish. Use it. Each bout with adversity can be an opportunity to get you one step closer to self-actualization.

Think about it. You’re perfect run through life will include times like that. We all “nail it” when things are going well, so how about a “job well done” when things get tough, too.


Logan Gelbrich


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