Nitrates and Nitrites to Devalue Bacon No More?

Bacon is incredible. I could stop there, but I better make this post worthy. Not only in bacon an incredible blessing, it’s popularity has exploded in recent years. Hipsters, festivals, exercise aficionados, and the Paleo movement have all raised the bacon pedestal just a bit higher.

The incredible taste and, like Michael Jordan, bacon’s ability to make those around it better are critical selling points for the cured breakfast meat. One could even argue that the primal nutrition strategy’s attraction to dietary fat makes it a point of pride against those struggling with calorie counting and “low fat” dietary efforts. Nonetheless, bacon isn’t short on raving fans.


Even the most devote bacon eaters, like myself, will concede some things about bacon. These things include the idea that though it’s an acceptable “meat treat,” bacon isn’t exactly a high performance meat. Rather, the idea is that that bacon is a noteworthy loophole. In addition, one might be willing to concede that the presence of nitrates and nitrites docks bacon a few points on the health meter.

New insight from Dr. Chris Kresser may trump, at least, of these “cons” of bacon. In his article on the topic of nitrates and nitrites, we may not be compromising our health at all by consuming nitrates and nitrites. He even goes to say, “It may shock you to learn that one serving of arugula, two servings of butter lettuce, and four servings of celery or beets all have more nitrite than 467 hot dogs.”


Is the take away here to move to a 100% bacon diet? Not in my opinion. My two cents, however, is that we need to continually ask ourselves why we believe the things that we believe to be true. The health and fitness industry is full of examples where we hold true things that have been passed down as uncertainty long enough to become dogma. Forever question. Forever tinker.


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Hang Power Snatch



Then, complete the following:

10, 9, 8.. 1 Hang Power Snatch (115/75)

1, 2, 3.. 10 Candle Sticks