I am sitting here after sweeping the floor of the office at the new gym (DEUCE Gym) for at least the sixth or seventh time. We are once again tired and covered in dirt, paint, and Lord knows what else.  Throughout the past week, we have torn out metal walls, sawed, jackhammered, sledgehammered, and cussed at concrete. We’ve also created and filled a giant hole where our beautiful bathroom will reside.  We have painted the entire place, laid flooring down, broke tile out, amongst many other things.

The most common question I hear is when are you guys going to open. Oh, let me tell you, I wish I had a date. There seem to be so many things to do, and none of them get done as speedy as we would like.

Dad: The Foreman.

Dad: The Foreman.

It is a funny thing, I don’t remember the last time I was consistently this tired.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  This experience is truly stacking up to be one of epic proportions. Each day we will come back and work all day. Some days feel like we accomplish a ton. Some days almost feel like we didn’t make a dent.  Progress, progress, progress. We’re setting small goals, having a list of tasks, accountability, checking in with each other.  These have been the things that have made us successful thus far.

This place is going to be phenomenal, because we are gonna make it that way.  This place is a place of hard work, and passionate people, and it will remain that way, even when all the construction is done. There have been so many laughs, and so much sweat, and a lil bit of blood (we’re construction amateurs – Haha). This, too, will continue.

I can’t wait to show you guys what it looks like when it’s done. I hope you are as excited as us. Stay tuned!

“Hold the Standard”


Danny Lesslie


Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete 8 rounds for time of:
15 Squats
100m Sprint