DEUCE Rolls Out Onslaught of Specialty Courses

Do you like structure? Focus? Accountability? The specialty courses offered at DEUCE are home base for tightly focused small groups to introduce training into your lifestyle in a controlled manner. 

What’s your interest? 

  • What to get strong? Strength 101 is the best on-ramp to classic strength training this side of the Mississippi! Learn how to train loaded movement for 8-weeks with the barbell. This course is for all levels and begins Jan. 6th!
  • Want to change your body? Bodybuilding 101 is all about building muscle in those middle rep ranges. It’s the perfect course for both brand new movers who are intimidated by big lifts and seasoned movers who want to build muscle and take a break from being a cardio bunny. This course is for all levels and begins Jan. 
  • Want to learn something new? Strongman 101 is the original DEUCE Specialty course and introduces new movers to the strength sport of strongman! You’ll load atlas stones and carry kegs and flip tires – oh, my! This course is for all levels and begins Jan. 22nd!
  • Need to get out of pain and fear in the gym? Pain Free Movement 101 is the perfect course to set a foundation of training. You’ll learn to breathe, brace, and move to safe ranges of motion! This course is for all levels and begins Jan. 23rd! 
  • Want to learn Kung Fu?! Just kidding.. But, Weightlifting 101 is all about the sorcery of the snatch and clean and jerk. This course only comes around twice per year and features video movement analysis! It’s open to all levels and begins February 6th!

Your training niche awaits! Get involved!

1/2/24 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
8 Sumo Deadlifts From Blocks

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 Hip Extensions
50-Yard KB Handle Extension Farmers Carry

Complete 5 rounds for reps:
In :60..
Corner Run
Max Push Ups
— Rest :60 —



Paused Push Press

Complete 4 rounds for quality of:
10 DB Close Grip Floor Presses
:20 Hanging L-Sit

Then, complete ‘Karen’:
150 Wall Balls for time