Presence & Embodiment: Beyond What You’re Doing

You wouldn’t need to go far to see that no credit is given for attendance. This is true in the literal form of attendance, meaning being present. It’s also true for the more metaphorical sense. Said differently, simply attending to your work doesn’t draw direct lines to quality results. 

Yesterday I took a consulting call from an industry person who wanted to discuss his next career steps. He asked if people who followed our models had success or not. Naturally, I told him, “Of course.” That wasn’t all. “But, it’s never that simple,” I continued. “I can offer someone a technique or strategy, but ultimately they will need to become the person that would ultimately have the success they want.”

That’s a completely different level of attendance. 

There is no amount of knowledge or time in a job that can replace the requisite embodiment required for what you want to accomplish. As if to sit there and say from a distance, “I did A, B, and C therefore my results should be inbound.” 

There are many ways to show up to a training session just like there are many ways to show up in your mid-level manager role, marriage, or friendship. And, believe me, not everything is using their time the same. 

It’s time to step into being you want to be. There’s no extra credit for showing up.

11/14/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 3 rounds of the following:
5 Bench Press

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 DB Floor Presses
12-15 Tricep Bar Dips
50-Yard Waiter’s Carry (ea)

Complete 4 rounds of the following for time:
10 Double KB Swings (53/44)
16 Ball Slams
30 Lateral Plyo Boxes




10 Trap 3 Raise
MAX KB Waiter Carry Left
MAX KB Waiter Carry Right

Then, AMRAP 6
6 Touch-and-Go Power Cleans (155/105)
36 Double Unders