Winning Just Ain’t Fair

A common value that many of us have is in relation to FAIRNESS. It seems to be an innate inclination to have fairness in our lives even though the world is littered with injustices. Like when my sister would push me over and then I’d push her back, my mother would send me to my room for timeout as I pleaded, “But, this isn’t fair!” Or, when I would practice tirelessly before a tryout, working harder than anyone I knew and still not make the team just so my dad could tell me, “Life isn’t fair, buddy.” The reality is that sometimes the bad guys win and hard work doesn’t always give us what we want. Yet, we still have this burning desire within us to win.

Whether it is in sports or our personal lives, we want to win. Biologically we are wired to chase “the win” because it releases hormones and chemicals inside our body that make us feel good. It gives us confidence, pride, and a multitude of other feelings that we would be crazy not to chase. Well not to be the bearer of bad news but Winning couldn’t care less about you. It does not care who works harder or who is more deserving or all the things you have been through in your life. It’s a relentless force that will require everything you have with no promise of anything in return. Still we chase it.

So the question remains, why do we want to win? Why do we sacrifice our time and our money and our energy to what seems to be an unfair goal? Well let me answer these questions with another question because everyone just loves when I do that. What is the alternative if you don’t try? Stop reading this and think about that for a moment.

The truth is that nothing in life is about winning. It is all about the things that are required of us in order to win. It’s about the lessons we learn in working hard, in sacrifice for something greater than ourselves, and in the failures we encounter along the way. The process of chasing ‘the win’ is what makes us who we are; it is the ever moving target that helps shape us into the person we want to be. So keep chasing and reap the benefits of everything that you learn along the way.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the video that inspired this message and I hope that it sinks in:

“Are you willing to sprint when the distance is unknown?”

Well, are you? Keep going!

2/10/22 WOD


Box Squat

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

8 Front Rack KB Lateral Lunges
8 Partnered GHD’s

Then, every :90, for 5 rounds complete the following for reps:

1 7th Street Corner Sprint
Max SandBag Squats(135/80)
-Rest :90-


Hang Clean

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

:20 Support Hold 
3 Star Lunges 
12 Heel Elevated Goblet Squats

Then, complete 5 rounds for time:

4 Devils Press (50/35)
8 Slam Balls
200m Run