Colton Waltner

Colton was born and raised in Newbury Park, Ca, where his love for sports and movement started at a young age. It was apparent from a young age that baseball would be the vehicle that would lead him to playing collegiately for the University of San Diego and later professionally when he was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. After numerous injuries and surgeries, he had to medically retire from baseball but luckily he found a community and home at DEUCE Gym as a student. Not long after he received a challenge from Logan and encouragement from other coaches to join coach’s prep and begin his new journey in fitness. Now hungry as ever, Colton continues to grow as a young coach. Utilizing his experience as a high level athlete and his understanding of primal and functional movements, he strives to make training in the gym as transferable to an individual’s life as possible. Leading from a place of love and connection, Colton understands that training isn’t always about the fitness but it is always about the person.

Going Down Swinging

In baseball the letter ‘K’ refers to when a pitcher records a strikeout. Strikeouts happen all the time and in many different ways but there is one way of striking

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The Zeigarnik Effect: A Case For Practice

Next time you are out to dinner I want you to try something. At the end of the meal, before your waiter gives you the check, give them a pop

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Research Your Own Experience

The problem that occurs with many research studies in any field has to do with the fact that we as humans are inherently biased. The way we perceive the world

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GOAT’s Practice Hard

The Dream Team was probably the greatest basketball team ever assembled. In 1992, the US Olympic Basketball Team had an entire roster compiled of future Hall of Famers with the

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Fried Chicken and Perseverance

Success is one of the hardest things to convey to people. We talk about it all the time and we are shown snapshots of it daily in our lives and

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