Colton Waltner

Colton was born and raised in Newbury Park, Ca, where his love for sports and movement started at a young age. It was apparent from a young age that baseball would be the vehicle that would lead him to playing collegiately for the University of San Diego and later professionally when he was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. After numerous injuries and surgeries, he had to medically retire from baseball but luckily he found a community and home at DEUCE Gym as a student. Not long after he received a challenge from Logan and encouragement from other coaches to join coach’s prep and begin his new journey in fitness. Now hungry as ever, Colton continues to grow as a young coach. Utilizing his experience as a high level athlete and his understanding of primal and functional movements, he strives to make training in the gym as transferable to an individual’s life as possible. Leading from a place of love and connection, Colton understands that training isn’t always about the fitness but it is always about the person.

What You Do to Yourself, You Do To The Team

Most of a coach’s job is made up of work that takes place when no one is watching in a stadium or on TV. It is done during practice and in locker rooms and away from the eyes of everyone but those on the team. The reason for this is simply because problems that arise

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When It Rains, It Pours

Most of us are familiar with the old adage, “When it rains, it pours”. Usually spoken in commentary on when multiple bad or unfortunate things are happening to us seemingly all at once. We have multiple problems to solve and fires to put out thus causing us to feel overwhelmed at times. But for all

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Hidden Weakness: Prince Rupert’s Drop

The art of glass blowing is incredible. It’s truly a mesmerizing process that requires a perfect blend of technical precision and artistic vision. And much like other forms of art, there are numerous techniques that glass blowers use to create their works of art. One of these techniques involves dropping a small amount of molten

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Enough is Enough

More is more is more is more is never enough. The entrepreneurial spirit has never been more alive than it is currently in present time. In fact the number of applications for starting a business has increased an incredible 95% over the past year in the United States. There are roughly 582 million people in

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Change Your Perspective: Synchronized Swimming

Confession time. I used to see synchronized swimming in the Olympics and on TV sometimes and I just didn’t get it. The camera would just show legs in the air and they would sometimes make cool shapes in the pool, much like a college marching band does at halftime. So I simply just wrote it

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