Hardwood: Before & After

At age nine, I remember heading off to a family vacation and my mom mentioning that while we were gone that people were going to refinish the hardwood floors. My childhood home had some original flooring from when the house was built that were both beautiful and perfectly finished (as far as I knew), so I shrugged and focused on the excitement of the vacation. 

Eight days later, I’d forgotten all about the floors getting done. We pulled up to the house tired from travel and blissed out with tans from the Mexican sun and my mom spoke up again about the floors. “I hope the floors are dry,” she wondered out loud. When we walked in, I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

The contrast between the normal I knew before the trip compared to the freshly finished floors is difficult to describe. It feels impossible that a fresh varnish on some hardwood floors could never be DEUCE blog worthy, but here we are. The floors were an entirely different thing. Eight days ago, they were drift wood. Today they were certified for any North American Ballroom Dancing Competition you can think of. 

When you’re close to the action, it’s hard for the human mind to notice subtle changes. To me, the floors I walked on everyday were normal and sufficient. When compared to the same floors with this fresh lacquer, I can say without question that they were in dire straits right under my nose and the slow deterioration of them over time was too slow for me to recognize. 

The lesson is clear. It’s the everyday elements of life that are right under your nose that are most difficult to evaluate progress about simply because you see them everyday. This means things like your health, your appearance, your work, your gym, and everything else that is a regular part of your life are likely shifting in unrecognizable ways day to day, but in remarkable ways (good or bad) year to year, especially decade to decade. 

Look at old photos, dig up your old journals, visit other work and gym environments, and you’ll be taken aback by the contrast. The million dollar question, of course, is whether it’s an evolution you like or not. 

Take inventory. 

4/9/21 WOD


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:
12 Alt Back Barbell Reverse Lunges
8 Weighted Evil Wheels

1: 7th Street Sprint
2: :20 Single Arm KB Hold (ea)
3: 8 Pull Ups


Complete 2 rounds for quality of::
8-12 Ring Dips
:60 Handstand Hold

Then, Complete 3 rounds for quality of::
20 Decline Push Ups
10 Bent Over Lateral Raises (2020)
-Rest :30-
:30 Max Ring Row

Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:
12/8/5 Power Cleans
20 Lunge
12/8/5 Power Clean
10 1-Arm Devil Presses
-Rest 3-5 Min-

Then, complete for the following for time:
500m Row


Hang Clean

Push Jerk 

Then, EMOM 16
1.8 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
2.12 Athletic Burpees
3.200m Run