A Protein Hierarchy

All gym rat stereotypes aside, the hard truth about nutrition is protein is king. Not only is protein king, meeting protein intake requirements is still (despite its positive connotation) a challenge for many men and women. In fact, one of the most ubiquitous experiences students of DEUCE Nutrition is how difficult it is to eat enough complete protein each day. 

This creates a common necessary evil: the usage of a protein supplement. On that topic, if you’re eating for performance there’s a short hierarchy worth following:

      • Quantity of protein
      • Quality of protein
      • Digestive and/or inflammatory considerations

First a foremost, you need enough fuel. Period. You can ingest exclusively pasture raised cattle on hand cut grass, but if it’s only half the amount of protein you need to sustain the body and performance you desire it won’t matter. 

Secondarily, it doesn’t take a sports scientist to recognize that not all protein sources are the same. Next in line of importance is the type of protein you’re ingesting. A complete amino acid profile protein source, like that found in animal proteins is of a higher quality that protein sources that are missing essential amino acids. 

Third, you ought to also consider what certain protein sources do to your body. Those who supplement with protein supplements know as much anyone how protein powders, especially those who are whey based and even highly processed vegan pea proteins, can be inflammatory. Inflammatory foods can acutely cause bloating and discomfort and more significant health issues longer term. 

We recently came across what could be the only protein powder that isn’t inflammatory. It’s called Human Improvement. It’s also the most sustainable supplemental protein source we can find. Furthermore, it also happens to be a complete amino acid profile. It tastes so good we added it to the pro shop in Venice. 

If there’s one thing every human reading this ought to do to improve his/her performance and aesthetics, it’s increasing the amount of protein he/she consumes each day. If you need to supplement, remember the three step hierarchy above. 

11/23/20 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


Pause Front Squat

**Athletes perform 10 hanging hand transfers between sets  

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:  
5 KB Get-up Sit-ups (ea) 
5 Rotational Ball Slams (ea)  
5 Prone Snow Angels

Then, EMOM 12  
Odd: 6 1-Arm DB Power Cleans (ea)
Even: Max Single Unders