DEUCE Garage History: Part 1

See that little round metal thing right there? That’s a floor safe. The key was broken off inside and it’s been in the ground for nearly fifty years. We’ve kept it in the floor because:

Every pirate needs some treasure, right?

Every pirate needs some treasure, right?

1. Safes are cool,

2. we are fresh out of dynamite, and

3. there’s buried treasure in there.

Over the next few weeks our blog will be a resource for the in’s and out’s of this quirky building and its rich history. Everything down to the branding of the business is rooted in some pretty extensive local Venice history, hence the vintage automotive racing theme. More on that later.

For now, let this, and the other historical tales coming soon, be a metaphor for what we have to offer here. We’re always a layer or two deeper than just what you see. So, stay tuned for more of the branding, the building’s background, and our incredible community.

Lastly, if you’d like to log some time in addition to hours we’ve spent trying to crack the safe, feel free. Let’s just make a deal that we can split the fortune.

Good luck!


Logan Gelbrich

8/7/13 WOD

Complete 7 rounds:

3 Deadlifts
3 Power Cleans (Touch-and-Go)
*Do not let go of the bar during the round. Count a penalty if you come off the bar.
*Work up to the heaviest weight possible.
*Rest as needed between rounds.
*If you let go of the bar during the round, count a miss for that round.