Body Types: Doomed to be Chubby or Blessed to be Lean?

I’ve been putting off this topic for quite some time now. I’d attribute my passive attitude about this topic to my general allergies to excuses and folks’ notions that their fate is out of their control. In the end, however, I think full disclosure on this topic can also support personal responsibility, which is my biased goal for the world.

Let me shoot you straight. There are three genetic body types, and these gene expressions contribute to your appearance a great deal.


Before you go all palms up up on me, say “Screw it,” and decide to eat cake for breakfast, let me explain. You are either an ectomorph, mesomorph, or an endomorph. Though these all sound like Sci-Fi creatures, you are, in fact, one of those three. Let me explain:

Ectomorph. This is that body type that is perma-skinny. Ectomorphs, like myself, are true hard gainers. With a fast metabolism and generally small joints, any complacency at the dinner table will lead to weight loss. Maintaining and gaining weight is a full time job. You know the friend that is rail thin but is always trying to wrangle you into a trip through the Burger King drive-thru? Well, the cat is out of the bag, he/she is an ectomorph.

Mesomorph. These are the natural body builders. Strong, broad shoulders with a smaller, tapered waste, these body types express muscle mass and athleticism naturally very well. From an aesthetic perspective, mesomorphs tend to be the most desired body types. Mesomorphs don’t know how to not be ripped. They get away with murder aesthetically with their nutrition and response extremely well to weight training.

Endomorph. “I’m just big boned..” is story told by the endomorph, and they have a point, too. Endomorphs most often struggle with body composition issues as they are hard muscle gainers and take on adipose tissue extremely easy.

But, what does it all mean? Well, though your gene expression is what it is, there is a great deal of responsibility for each of these body types. The consequences of insulin insensitivity and systemic inflammation are real for us all. For example, heart attacks, poor pancreatic function, and diabetes don’t check you out in the mirror first. Yes, there is such thing as being “skinny fat” and though these ectomorphs fit into their jeans, their blood work looks like a murder scene.

If some of your goals are aesthetic, knowing these genetic tendencies is critical. After hearing this brief intro to genetic body types, can you pinpoint your body type? What strategies can you implore to manipulate your gene expression?


Logan Gelbrich


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