Difficult by Definition

Boy, do we love to get gushy on here, or what? Yup, everything is so inspirational and fantastical. Sometimes it loses its luster. I’m not bought in to the ‘Rah-rah’ leadership stuff. I’m tired of hearing this crap:

“Push yourself! It’s the key to success.”

“Real results lie just outside of your comfort zone.”

“You are the captain of your soul. Create your destiny!.”

Yeah, yeah… save it. This website is an idea. This fitness school is an idea. It gets to be whatever it wants to be. And, apparently it wants to be Johnny Perfect without a clue. Well, isn’t that convenient? While you and I have to trudge through the real world, at least we have a website to tell us what idealism is like, I guess.

The pomp and circumstance is a fun tool at times, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t have its hands full of groceries at the end of a 16 hour day, with sore feet, a family to be feed, and a stack of bills, does it?

I joke with Lindsey on laundry day all the time. Half kidding, half in rage I ask her, “Have you ever seen one TV episode, one movie, one cartoon or comic book of Superman doing laundry? Huh? Not one! Wolverine? The Hulk? Robin Hood?”

Bullshit you do! They don’t have time for that.

They have time for “pushing themselves,” getting out of their “comfort zone,” and saving the day, but that’s fairy tale stuff. I’m talking about the-rent-is-due-and-the-baby’s-crying type stuff here.

Coaching out loud.

Coaching out loud.

But, maybe that’s just it. Maybe “pushing yourself” and “getting out of your comfort zone” isn’t like pushing yourself on paper, or getting uncomfortable on paper. Pushing your limits and getting uncomfortable in real life are dark, scary places. Maybe it’s just the words that don’t do the experiences justice.

Maybe I’m just more upset that learning the hard lessons, pushing myself, and captaining my soul and all that jazz is just so damn real. Maybe thinking you’re a third degree badass who knows “pushing yourself” doesn’t change the fact that, by definition, the reality of walking into the darkness beyond what’s comfortable has to suck… every damn time. It’s always the hardest thing you’ve ever done, because if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Now that I think of it, it probably has to be. Maybe every time we put the Superman shirt on and talk about adversity and fortitude, it’s an act. Maybe the real adversity and fortitude is when the Superman shirt is in the dirty laundry and you’re dealing with overdraft fees.

Logan Gelbrich


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