Legacy and Monarch Butterfly Migration

If you bring up a butterfly metaphor, we know where you’re going with it. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.. Blah blah blah. But, that’s not where my Agency : Standard co-founder was going when she asked me if I knew about the Monarch Butterfly. 

I was shocked! 

Sure, the Eastern North American Monarch Butterfly does the whole caterpillar transition thing, too, which is a miracle. But, the way they migrate will blow your mind. 

These monarchs, similar to birds, make a two way migration. During warmer months, these butterflies call Northern States and Canada home and make a remarkable journey into Central Mexico more than 3,000 miles away. The surprising fact is that while thousands of butterflies make the migration each year, no single butterfly has ever made the entire trip.

That’s because the lifespan of even the longest living butterfly is shorter than the journey. In fact, it takes 3-4 generations of butterflies to complete the voyage!

These butterflies find their way to a place that none of them have been before. 

This struck me with all kinds of wonderful considerations that I’m not present to throughout my normal days. It evokes things like legacy, lineage, and a purpose greater than oneself. 

What does it bring up for you?

4/5/24 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
12 Back Squat

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
8 DB Goblet Lateral Roller Lunges (ea)
:20 1-Leg DB Glute Bridge Hold
8 1-Leg DB Glute Bridges (ea)

12 alt. DB Snatches (60/40)
30 Lateral Plyo Boxes



Spend 15 minutes working Handstand Balances


5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 AIr Squats