Got the Message? Keep Going

Everyone is on psychedelic drugs these days. While this may be net positive, a timeless quote from Alan Watts comes to mind. It was Watts who said, “If you get the message, hang up the phone.”

The quote is in specific response to repeat uses of psychedelics who have seemed to have maximized the intended offering the tool provides and have begun to trend into misuse and/or using them as a crutch. 

Don’t confuse this as a license to quit. Instead.. Reframe. 

Like any great maxim, the reverberation of truth seems to extend beyond just psychedelics. People misuse fitness in the same way. In many instances, including fitness, it may help to reorient your relationship to the thing as a tool. This is especially true if the role of the tool has swelled beyond what is helpful. 

What other tools can become an entire personality? With what other tools might you be missing the point?

4/4/24 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
12 Lat Pull Downs
8 1-Arm KB Rows (ea)
10 Weighted Sit Ups

Minute 1: 2 Hang Power Cleans
Minute 2: :30 Max Double Unders



Spend 10 minutes finding a heavy Stone Load (50/48)

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
Max Strict Pullups
Max Banded Pushups

Then, complete the following for time:
400m Run
3 rounds
30 KB Swings (70/53)
10 Tuck Jump Burpees
400m Run