Practical Advice from the Obvious

Do you need me to list all the reasons why you can’t do it? Would you like anyone for that matter? You probably have a voice in your head reminding you about all the distance between where you are and where you want to be. I bet you’ve got a ledger of obstacles in your head. 

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Theodore Roosevelt

It’s an old, corny quote, but it isn’t wrong. If you’ve got some gripe about old Teddy’s words to the wise here, I’ve got a simple series of questions for you:

Where else would you start?

What else would you use?

What else would you do?

3/26/24 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
10 Floor Presses
15 Toe Elevated DB RDLs
40-Yard Sandbag Carry

Complete the following for time:
DB Power Cleans (60/40)*
*10 Athletic Burpees after each round



Make 4 attempts for max distance:
Triple Broad Jump

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
6-8 Barbell Suitcase Deadlifts
:25 1/2 Kneeling Palloff Hold (ea)
10 Birddog Rows (ea)

Then, EMOM 10
20 KB Swings (AHAP)