DEUCE Specialty Courses in Layman’s Terms

We call ourselves a school of movement and sometimes the course offerings can get overwhelming. Plus, it doesn’t help anyone to push sports science jargon, so here’s the brass tacks. 

Our courses explained in basic lingo:

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) – it’s a little of everything for everyone. Students will earn some of every fitness quality you can think of.. Strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, everything.. 

Bodybuilding – lifting weights to build lean muscle tissue. You’ll lift moderate weights for moderate and high reps without any high skill gymnastics or Olympic weightlifting. This is how you change your body without doing cardio. 

Strength – this is your foundation for getting strong with the classics. There is plenty of attention on posture, trunk stability, and accessory work. But, home base are the three main lifts: squat, press, deadlift. 

Strongman – this is the most visually unique course imaginable. You’ll train heavy like the strength program, but you’ll use our odd implements (atlas stones, tires, kegs, etc) and a touch of conditioning. Students here will get strong and have fun doing it. Plus, conditioning is short and intense. 

Gymnastics – master your own body weight in space. Students learn the fundamentals of hand balancing, ring work, bar work, and some tumbling. 

Breath + Exposure – easily the best lifestyle upgrade for any human being. B+E is a life meditation. Students will practice breathwork and enjoy sauna time with like minded folks and master the ice bath.  

Pain Free Movement – we’re breaking down the prerequisite basics for any movement. Can you breathe? Can you brace? Can you own your range of motion? 

Weightlifting – weightlifting (one word) is a sport unlike the act of lifting weights (weight lifting – two words). This is where you learn and master the snatch and clean & jerk. It’s the perfect marriage between strength and technique. 

Pssst! While we’re at it, we’ll let you in on our model student.

This, of course, is the person who starts with GPP and eventually tries out specialty courses and returns to GPP with a greater level of mastery of the nuance of each discipline. A decade later, this student would have an unofficial black belt in movement. 

9/22/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
8 Double Kneeling Landmine press (ea)
40 Yard Front Rack SB Carry
8 Dips

Complete 5 rounds:
20 Lateral Plyos
15 KB Swings (71/53)
10 Push Ups
-Rest 1 Minute Inbetween Rounds-



Hang (Below-the-Knee) Power Snatch

Power Snatch

Complete 4 rounds for time of:
In :60..
200’ Sled Push
Max DB Hang Power Clean & Jerks (45/25)
-Rest 3-4 Min-