Three Preventable Training Mistakes

Making mistakes is a part of being human. When we are aware, however, of common pitfalls that are within our control then we have a chance to avoid tons of heartache. 

Here are three common mistakes you can avoid forever:

  1.     Ripping your hands. We’ve all seen the social media posts of bloody hands after a big day on the pull up bar. It’s not cool, it doesn’t feel good, it ruins your training for days or weeks after, and it’s fully preventable. If you feel that your hands are in jeopardy of tearing, change the movement to preserve your hands at all costs. Wanna level up further? Manage the smoothness of your calluses in your off time for sturdy hands that won’t rip underneath that hard-earned tough skin. 
  2.     Always coming in first (or last). Truth be told, the whiteboard has less to do with training than you think. Especially if you’re not doing your conditioning efforts “as prescribed” your goal should be to finish in the middle of the pack. Always finishing first surely means you could add load, volume, movement complexity, or all three to your effort. Coming in last all the time means the opposite. 
  3.     Overtraining. We’d rather you be at home wishing you were at the gym than you dragging. Read that again. The value in you strength training for twenty or thirty years in a row far outways the risk of burning out in two. Like Louie Simmons used to say:

“The brightest stars burn out the fastest”

Consider these mistakes in history that don’t need repeating. Thousands of people before you have made these mistakes and paid the price so you don’t have to. Level up!

9/21/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 5 rounds of the following:
3 Front Squats

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
12 DB Pull Overs
10 Roller Push Ups
50 Yard Front Rack KB Carry

DB Power Cleans (50/35)



Paused Back Squats

Back Squats

Then, complete the following for time:
40/32 Cal Assault Bike
40 Alt DB Snatches (70/50)
400m Run
40 Pull Ups
400m Run