DEUCE Gym’s Strength 101 Program: Now Enrolling

One thing about me, I love a soapbox. I relish the opportunity to speak about something I’m passionate about.

Right now, I’m tempted to go on for several pages about why you should invest in training with intention and building awareness around your training and movement patterns in the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. 

But, I don’t think many of you would read that manifesto.

So instead, I’m going to let one of our Strength 101 graduates, Taz, tell you about his experience in the course. 

If you see him around the gym crushing lifts, congratulate him on all his PRs and the birth of his daughter. Here’s what Taz had to say:

“Taking the Strength 101 class was one of the best decisions I have made for my fitness journey. Over the course of 8 weeks, I was able to improve my strength and refine my lifting techniques through the three compound movements – Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. The knowledge and guidance provided by Coach Campbell were invaluable, and the class environment was supportive and motivating.

As a result of this course, I have gained a newfound confidence in my lifting abilities and have continued down the strength path with greater enthusiasm.

I have seen significant improvements in my overall strength, and have noticed the positive impact it has had on my daily life. Everything in life is easier when you’re strong enough to breathe, brace, and lift through the adversity that has been placed on you. I highly recommend the Strength 101 class to anyone looking to improve their strength and technique, and to those who want to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. 

Thank you Coach Campbell and DEUCE community for an amazing experience!”

– Taazzmanian.Devil. 


If you’re curious about Strength 101, we are currently enrolling for a new cohort that begins an 8-week training cycle on August 21st. Get involved!

8/16/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 rounds of the following:
3 Power Snatches

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 1-Arm DB Bent Over Row
15 DB Glute Bridges + :20 ISO Hold
40-Yard Fat Grip Carry

6 Alt KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges (53/44)
8 KB Push Press
10 Burpees



Paused Ring Dips

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
:04 Iso Pull Up + 6-8 Strict Pull Ups
6-8 Russian Dips
15 PVC Hollow Rocks

Then, AMRAP 5
20 Unbroken Dbl KB Swings (44/26)
12 Unbroken Alt Dbl KB Front Rack Rev Lunges
6 Unbroken Dbl KB Front Squats

-Rest 3 Min-

Max Meters Row