Campbell Lillard

Campbell has been working in both the fitness and nonprofit industries since 2018 after his release from Texas State Prison. During his time in prison, Campbell realized that there was much about himself he did not like, however training showed him that he could change if he set an intention and applied work. This realization led him on an obsessive quest to become the best version of himself he possibly could through subjecting himself to stress and challenge. He believes fitness is the relentless pursuit of growth. Today, he is passionate about using his unique life experiences to relate to and empower others. He uses movement as an effective place to start the conversation and believes in showing up 100 percent for his athletes. It is his drive and passion that lead him to Los Angeles to develop and train at the best gym in the world.

We Fixed Our Sign

A sign hangs on a rusty gate at 110 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, California. The text carved into the wood reads, “motivated people only.” For a long time, that sign

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DEUCE Hosts National Champion Weightlifting Coach

Olympic Weightlifting is intimidating. The sport is technical, hard, and full of difficult-to-comprehend rules, dogma, and traditions. It can seem impossible for a beginner or an outsider to get right.

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A Point of View on Training Variance

“We fail at the margins of our experience.” -Greg Glassman The above is precisely why our GPP program aims to enhance fitness across multiple metrics and domains. Said another way,

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Finally, DEUCE Offers Coach-Led 202 Training Experiences

“Technique is the medium through which strength is expressed.” -Greg Everett DEUCE Gym prides itself on being a University of Movement. It’s a unique campus where we come to learn,

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An Argument for the Split Jerk

Strongman has a rich history at DEUCE Gym. Whether we’ve succumbed to it or not, we all have felt the primal pull of the kegs and stones in the back

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