Let’s get something straight. If you’re a student of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) or a broad strength and conditioning program like it, there’s exactly a zero percent chance that you will be without areas of weakness.

To be a human is to have flaws and weaknesses.

For some, it’s those hellacious pull ups and other bodyweight feats. Many find that they are seemingly allergic to overhead squats, inversions, or deadlifts with a sumo stance. Some students are pretty great at everything, except pressing overhead, while others can’t run for the life of them. My nemesis was always the handstand push up.

My point is this. If you find that fear of looking weak in a particular area in the gym arises, it’s not something that ostracizes you. In fact, having a weakness might be the only thing that you have in common with your fellow classmates. The only lie any of us can tell is to shield the fact that we have areas of (sometimes extreme) underdevelopment.

Once we acknowledge that, we can get back to work, which is the point, right? Keep going!

2/15/23 WOD

DEUCE Athletics GPP

Complete 4 Rounds of the Following:

3 Banded Deadlifts


Complete 3 rounds for quality:

8 DB Split Squats (ea)

10 Roller Hamstring Curls

50-Yard DB Fat Grip Farmers Carry


Then, EMOM 10

Min 1: 12 DB Goblet Squats (70/50)

Min 2: :30 Max Slam Balls




Paused (Below-the-Knee) Power Cleans


Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds, complete the following for time and reps:

Odd: 400m Run

Even: :60 Max American KB Swings (53/35)


Finisher: Combat Abs